Discover Lithium Blue 25.6V 45Ah LiFePO4 Battery - DLB-G24-24V
Discover Lithium Blue 25.6V 45Ah LiFePO4 Battery - DLB-G24-24V
Discover Lithium Blue 25.6V 45Ah LiFePO4 Battery - DLB-G24-24V
Discover Lithium Blue 25.6V 45Ah LiFePO4 Battery - DLB-G24-24V
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Discover Lithium Blue 25.6V 45Ah LiFePO4 Battery - DLB-G24-24V

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Discover Lithium Blue Premium Series:


Discover LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 Premium Series batteries offer BMS controlled safety, long life, lightning fast charging performance and real-time Bluetooth access to battery state of charge, voltage, current and temperature status. LITHIUM BLUE batteries reflect Discover’s design for excellence philosophy, incorporating suitcase style carrying handles, terminal protection and field serviceable fuses. LITHIUM BLUE batteries are safe, easily to install and parallel for more capacity.

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 262x175x210mm


Features & benefits:


Bluetooth App:
Discover LITHIUM BLUE batteries include a Bluetooth® App that gives real-time access to battery state of charge, voltage, operating current, temperature status, and other operating information. The Discover Blue App is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


High current BMS:
- Field serviceable MRBF fuse to protect your investment from misuse.


Enhanced run time:
- Double the high-current runtime of lead-acid battery
- Up to 100% usable capacity
- Up to 100% Depth of Discharge


Extended service life:
- 10x the life of lead-acid battery (BCI-06)
- Unlimited Partial State of Charge cycles
- Energy throughput warranty


Fast charging:
- Up to 5x faster than new lead-acid batteries
- Up to 10x faster than aged lead-acid batteries
- 2x faster than C/2 rated lithium batteries
- Opportunity charge at 1C rate anytime, regardless of SoC


Surge power:
- Surge power for inverter chargers
- Up to 3C peak power discharge rate
- Up to 1C continuous discharge rate


High efficiency:
- Up to 50% more energy efficient than a lead-acid battery
- Up to 98% round-trip efficiency


Parallel power:
- Easy to parallel more capacity
- Linear scaling of charge, discharge and peak capacity


Quick installation:
- Fast installation. No special tools
- Drop-in lead-acid replacement


Reliable and safe:
- LiFePO4 is safe
- Maintenance-free
- UL94 V0 flame retardant case and cover
- IP67 rated


Certified quality & standards:
- Discover® manufacturing facilities are fully certified to ISO 9001/14001 and OSHA 18001 standards. 
- CE
- UN 38.3


Workmanship warranty & performance guarantee:
- Discover LITHIUM BLUE batteries are backed with up to a 5 year workmanship warranty and an energy throughput performance guarantee. What is Energy Throughput? The sum of all energy charged and discharged through the battery, measured in kWh. 5 Year warranty must be registered here: Click here to register

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