About OutBack Power

About OutBack Power

SolarBox are proud Australian distributors of OutBack Power products. You will find their products across our online store here. More information about the company is listed below:


OutBack Power with headquarters in Washington State, USA was founded in 2001 by three engineers with a long history of developing technologies for renewable energy applications. They believed that the renewable energy industry was on the verge of unparalleled growth, driven by the need for sustainable alternative sources of energy. OutBack initially designed and manufactured integration hardware used by solar installers to protect power electronics, installed in remote environments and harsh conditions around the world.


OutBack Power launched an advanced line of rugged inverter products that delivers pure sinewave power for off-grid, residential and commercial installations. Then they expanded into off-grid inverters with battery backup, grid-tie inverters with battery backup, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers, communications products and a complete line of OutBack EnergyCell batteries designed specifically for renewable energy applications.


20+ years later they have forged a reputation as the recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of battery-based, off-grid renewable energy systems. The Radian Series FXR inverter/charger packages the right combination of energy storage and power electronics, merging with smart home technology for a range of common applications. If you are installing or upgrading to a battery-based renewable energy system, OutBack Power is the only choice.


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