Victron, OutBack & Selectronic Inverter/chargers are all capable of Off-grid or grid connected applications. They can also be installed into a caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or boat.


Inverter Chargers:


SolarBox is a distributor for Victron, OutBack & Schneider Inverter/chargers. As the name suggests, it is a combined inverter and charger in one elegant package. Inverter/chargers are a powerful pure sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology, and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure. 

Some Victron, OutBack & Schneider Inverter/chargers are capable of Off-grid or grid connected applications. They can also be installed into a caravan, camper trailer, motorhome or boat. Our Inverter/charger range comes in 12V, 24V, 48V & 120V options.


Forming the heart of your Off-grid or Caravan Power system: Pure Sine Wave Inverter Chargers

Gone are the days of having to worry about access to continuous energy to run your appliances in your caravan or Off-grid setup. Solar inverter chargers are the sophisticated approach for almost all solar-installed caravans, motorhomes, boats and Off-grid. Solar inverter chargers are responsible for delivering persistent energy irrespective of what the charging conditions are.

SolarBox Australia offers a wide range of high-quality inverter chargers that are designed for use in off-grid solar electrical power systems. We have the most advanced solar inverter chargers from reputable brands that can work even in unusual or challenging environments. SolarBox Australia stocks and sells: OutBack Power VFXR inverter chargers, Victron MultiPlus & Quattro inverter chargers & Schneider Electric XW Pro inverter chargers. If you are after a quality branded inverter charger then look no further than us. If you would like to know the importance of inverter chargers in a solar installation, keep scrolling down.

What is the importance of Inverter Chargers?

- Inverter chargers work as multi-taskers, turning DC power into AC power and powering the battery bank at the same time when shore power or a generator is available. Because of their versatility, the presence of solar inverter chargers in RVs, motorhomes, caravans & Off-grid has become more and more popular.

- The Inverter chargers that SolarBox sell are high quality and feature a pure sine wave inverter, a battery charger and an AC transfer switch all in one. This means that the inverter will simultaneously switch from DC power to AC power as soon as the AC power is plugged in.

- The Inverter chargers come in a range of sizes to suit many different applications. We have voltage increments of 12V, 24V, 48V. We also have inverters starting from 250VA to run laptops, all the way up to 15000VA to run an entire house!

- Inverter chargers are a common upgrade in caravan electrical systems. Because the inverter charger features an automatic AC transfer switch, this means it can be integrated into all of your existing 240V power points. Once installed by a qualified electrician you’ll be able to use your caravan free camping meaning as if you’re connected to 240V power.

- It’s important to size the inverter and charger aspect correctly prior to purchasing one. Sometimes you will also need to upgrade your Solar array and Battery bank to allow for the extra power that the inverter will draw. Feel free to contact us on  (03) 8595 1960 prior to making your purchase if you have any questions.

Who should buy an Inverter Charger?

An inverter charger is well suited to caravans, boats and Off-grid setups where the owner wants an all-in-one system that works with little fuss. This is especially common in an Off-grid installation where the inverter aspect runs all the 240V appliances in the house, if the batteries start to discharge too low then an Auto-start generator can be integrated into the system. The generator can be programmed to automatically turn on when the batteries get too low which activates the battery charger side of the inverter charger. With the generator running it will power the battery charger, charging the batteries and pass-through any extra power to your 240V (AC) loads.

- I'm seeking backup power sources.

- I reside in situations where there is less sunshine or where the sky is gloomy.

- I live off the grid, but I have access to shore electricity, such as campsite hookups or a generator.

If you nod your head to the above mentioned key points, then you might find that upgrading to an inverter charger will improve your system and help to provide you with more energy independence.

Why should you choose us over others?

Purchasing the right inverter charger for your unique installation is an important decision. Not only does SolarBox Australia stock quality and reliable brands, we can also assist you in purchasing the right product for your application and provide guidance along the way. Because of the importance of solar presence in RVs, vans, and other motor homes, various online distributors began their service with a lack of experience and knowledge in order to meet the demand for solar batteries and solar accessories. So make sure you choose the most genuine solar product distributors like SolarBox Australia.