Victron BMV-712 & SmartShunt battery monitors provide accurate battery monitoring. Victron Cerbo GX and Color Control GX link all your Victron products together for overall system monitoring.


A battery monitoring system provides you with vital information about your power usage. A battery monitor can show various appliances’ voltages, amps, and watts. You can better track your usage and pick up issues early with more information from a good monitor...

SolarBox Battery Monitors

Invicta lithium battery chargers are purpose-built devices specifically designed to match the Invicta charge profile. Our Invicta battery charger range includes 12V 40A, 24V 20A, and 36V 20A chargers.

Keep Your Battery Life Healthy With Smart Battery Chargers

If you aren’t quite sure what you need, contact one of our highly trained team members. SolarBox offers a wide range of Monitoring products, including:

  • Victron BMV-712 and SmartShunt battery monitors provide accurate battery monitoring
  • Victron Cerbo GX and Colour Control GX link your Victron products together
  • Victron remote switch panels and cellular monitoring for GPS tracking
  • Victron programming devices: MK3, VE.BUS Smart dongle and VE.Direct Smart dongle
  • Enclosures for BMV, colour control and other mounting accessories
  • Assorted Power Monitoring Systems

    We also provide monitoring for OutBack Power systems such as the MATE3s, FLEXnet, & HUB communication centre. SolarBox also stocks OutBack Power spare parts such as cooling fans, replacement FXR boards, and Flexware shunts.

    Schneider InsightHome is perfect for smaller residential systems, while InsightFacility supports larger residential and small commercial applications. Both InsightHome and InsightFacility are compatible with Schneider Electric’s solar & storage offerings. These offerings include the XW and SW lines of storage inverters, the MPPT solar charge controllers, and the accessories.

    Take Advantage of SolarBox’s Experience

    If you are overwhelmed by the options when setting up your own battery monitoring system, contact our team for technical support. We have spent more than a decade in the industry and are happy to share our knowledge.