number of factors that can influence this include: the time of year, weather conditions, battery capacity and how long you run your appliances. It's important to over-size your solar array (where space allows)


Solar Panels & Accessories:


Solar panels can be utilised to extend battery run time when powering multiple accessories. A number of factors that can influence this include: the time of year, weather conditions, battery capacity and how long you run your appliances. It's important to over-size your solar array (where space allows) so that on a good day your solar panels will be able to fully charge your batteries and keep your loads running whilst free camping.

SolarBox stocks Victron solar panels which are made using high quality Polycrystalline & Monocrystalline cells. Victron provide a full range of solar panel modules ranging from 20W - 360W. They are designed for charging batteries in vehicles, boats, motor homes, caravans, camping, marine or any other systems with a battery or battery bank.

We also have a range of Solar Accessories such as: MC4 plugs & sockets, Pre-wired MC4 leads, Wireboxes to suit the Victron MPPT Charge controller range and some spare parts to suit the OutBack FLEXmax MPPT Solar chargers.


Make your journey worthwhile by having a solar panel installed on the roof of your caravan!

"Connecting and installing solar panels to your caravan roof, it converts sunlight to power your battery system and ensures your caravan is fully powered. Solar panels for caravans, 4WD, recreational vehicles, and boats means you can go further for longer without running out of power”.

What is the importance of having solar panels on Caravan,  4WD, recreational vehicles?

If you love exploring Australia, especially if you own a caravan, RV or 4WD, having electricity is very important for many reasons. Caravans and recreational vehicles need solar power and battery storage to power devices such as fridges, lights, Inverters, water pumps and more. Different types of vans use different types of methods to power their vehicles, but the safest and best way for all vans is to have solar panels set up. Solar panels harness sunlight and generate electricity that extends your run time and reduces generator run time.


The benefits of mounting solar panels on the top of your caravan:

Solar panels have major advantages when it comes to use in caravans, 4WD, and recreational vehicles.

Free of cost- Solar panels are the prime components of an energy system and responsible for generating free electricity from the sun. Once setup and installed they have no ongoing costs to run compared to a generator that constantly needs fuel and regular servicing.

Green energy- “While the wheels of your caravan are on the road, promote the use of green energy by opting for solar panels”. Solar panels do not emit toxic gases or pollutants. They can capture free electricity from the sun for years to come.

Ideal for caravans,  4WD, and Recreational Vehicles- Solar panels need to be placed in direct sunlight to maximise exposure and efficiency. Generators eat up a lot of space inside the van. Installing solar panels doesn't mean sacrificing your space within your caravan since they are placed on the roof. This free space can be used to store important items such as extra fuel,  water, or food.


Why should you choose us over others?

- We offer monocrystalline solar panels that have maximum efficiency.

- We provide up to a 5-year warranty on Victron solar panels

- In addition to solar panels, we also offer other necessary solar accessories that are essential for installation.

- All the solar panels and other solar accessories that are available at SolarBox Australia will have a great life expectancy and withstand all the sun, wind, rain, snow, and small hail stones.


SolarBox Solar Accessories

SolarBox Australia has a great reputation for delivering the highest quality solar products and other solar accessories to all caravan, camping, 4WD, recreational vehicle, and marine owners. Due to the fact that we are open and honest, we have earned great trust among the people. If you are searching for solar supplies near me or solar supply near me on your mobile, you should consider SolarBox Australia.