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SolarBox is an online distributor of Battery & Solar Solutions. We supply quality brands with Australia-wide warranties and provide technical assistance to support you in purchasing the right product, for your application. SolarBox supplies solar panels, lithium batteries and other equipment for off-grid and mobile power systems. We cater to caravans, 4WDs, marine applications and small off-grid setups. With a focus on quality brands and competitive pricing, SolarBox helps you find the right solar and battery solutions for your needs.

SolarBox is a reputable Australian business based in Melbourne, specializing in solar and energy solutions. We prioritize competitive pricing and work closely with trusted suppliers to ensure great savings for our customers. Our online store features a range of reputable brands and products, including lithium batteries, monocrystalline solar panels, DC-DC chargers, battery monitors, and more. Trust SolarBox for high-quality, reliable solar and energy solutions.

Check out our range of Lithium batteries, Monocrystalline Solar panels, DC-DC chargers, 240V Battery chargers, Battery monitors, MPPT Solar regulators & much more! If you need advice on a product or have any questions we are here to help. You can use the chat function at the bottom right corner of the page, call us direct on (03) 8595 1960.

To save on shipping costs (where applicable), click & collect is available at checkout from our warehouse in Port Melbourne.


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