Coming Soon! Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) - LYN034170210

Coming Soon! Lynx Smart BMS 1000 (M10) - LYN034170210

New! Victron Lynx Smart BMS:

Are you tired of dealing with inefficient battery systems that don't meet your energy storage needs? Look no further! The Victron Lynx Smart BMS LYN034170210 is here to revolutionize the way you manage your lithium batteries. With its advanced features and unparalleled performance, this BMS is a game-changer in the world of energy storage.


What is the Victron Lynx Smart BMS?

The Lynx Smart BMS is a dedicated Battery Management System (BMS) designed specifically for the Victron Lithium Battery Smart batteries. These batteries, made of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), are available in 12.8 V or 25.6 V with various capacities. Whether you need a 12V, 24V, or 48V system, these batteries can be connected in series, parallel, or series/parallel to build a battery bank that suits your energy requirements.


Unleash the Power of Energy Storage

With the Lynx Smart BMS, you can maximize the potential of your energy storage system. It allows you to connect up to 20 batteries, resulting in a maximum energy storage of 84 kWh in a 12V system and up to 102 kWh in a 24V or 48V system. Say goodbye to energy limitations and embrace the freedom of storing and utilizing more power than ever before.


Why Choose the Lynx Smart BMS?

Out of the various BMS options available, the Lynx Smart BMS stands out as the most feature-rich and comprehensive solution. It offers a wide range of benefits that make it the top choice for energy enthusiasts:


1. Advanced Monitoring and Control

The Lynx Smart BMS provides real-time monitoring and control of your battery system. With its intuitive interface, you can easily access vital information such as voltage, current, state of charge, and temperature. Stay informed about your energy usage and make informed decisions to optimize your system's performance.


2. Enhanced Safety

Safety is a top priority when it comes to energy storage. The Lynx Smart BMS incorporates advanced safety features to protect your batteries and your property. It includes overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and temperature monitoring. Rest assured that your battery system is in safe hands.


3. Intelligent Energy Management

Efficient energy management is key to maximizing the lifespan of your batteries. The Lynx Smart BMS optimizes the charging and discharging process, ensuring that your batteries are always operating within their optimal range. This intelligent energy management extends the lifespan of your batteries and saves you money in the long run.


4. Seamless Integration

The Lynx Smart BMS seamlessly integrates with other Victron products, allowing you to create a comprehensive energy system. Combine it with Victron solar panels, inverters, and chargers to build a fully integrated and efficient energy solution. Enjoy the benefits of a harmonious energy ecosystem that works together seamlessly.



The Victron Lynx Smart BMS is the ultimate Battery Management System for your Victron Lithium Battery Smart batteries. With its advanced features, enhanced safety, intelligent energy management, and seamless integration, it takes your energy storage to new heights. Say goodbye to energy limitations and embrace the power of the Lynx Smart BMS. Take control of your energy future today!


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