Discover D27A & D31A Deep Cycle AGM Batteries:

Discover D27A & D31A Deep Cycle AGM Batteries:

🔋 Discover® VRLA AGM Deep Cycle batteries are built for mobile applications that undergo frequent vibration and require large power demands such as RV, Caravan, Marine and 4WD Dual battery systems. The batteries are safe, non spillable and maintenance-free.

🔋 The design has seen improvements in the D27A & D31A battery case, battery plates and intercell welding over traditional ABS case designs. Most deep cycle VRLA batteries are constructed using an ABS case.

🔋 Discover D27A & D31A are made with a PP (Polypropylene) case, which is the same material used to build automotive batteries, hence has superior mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

🔋 The PP case also offers very good resistance to heat distortion and a high resistance to chemicals making it suitable for under the bonnet applications.

🔋 Automated Through-The-Partition Weld:
- Improved intercell weld consistency, and less lead waste than manual welding process
- Supports higher current loads and lowers internal resistance

🔋 Extended Service Life:
- Low self-discharge rates prolongs shelf life
- 99% gas recombination extends life
- Long life superior to general purpose cyclic batteries

🔋 Reliable And Safe:
- Valve Regulated Lead-Acid, AGM
- Maintenance-free, non spillable, no-gassing
- Spark and explosion tested (SAE J1495)


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