Invicta Hybrid Lithium Starter Batteries

Invicta Hybrid Lithium Starter Batteries

Invicta Hybrid Lithium Starter Batteries: 


- The Invicta Hybrid Starter series offers a dual purpose solution for those that require high CCA starting power but also deep cycle performance such as running fridges or marine accessories.
- The Jump Start feature will automatically reserve a small amount of capacity in the battery for starting/cranking in the BMS, if the main capacity is over-discharged.
- Now with 8 popular sizes found in automotive vehicles, but with the added benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) pouch cell technology, which allows flexibility in charging and discharge.
- A specially engineered Dual BMS allows the battery to discharge and charge at an even high rate. This allows the battery to be used in winching applications *MAX models only*
- All Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries feature built-in Bluetooth to allow ease of battery monitoring. In addition, the app can also be used to activate the Jump-Start feature without the need to physically access the battery.
- The Invicta Hybrid Starter range utilises heat resistant technology to ensure the battery is protected from the effects of extreme heat when placed under a bonnet. This includes a specially designed thermal protection layer and lithium paste which is unique to the A123 pouch cell construction.
- A123 pouch cells are premium cells that are used by top vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW. These cells have been hand-selected due to their reliability and inherent ability to withstand a high rate of discharge/charge and resistance to high heat.
- The Invicta Hybrid Starter range can charge directly from the alternator and has a 3 year full replacement warranty backed by SPB.
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