New! Invicta Lithium 12V 120Ah Xero IP67 LiFePO4 Battery - SNLX12V120BT

New! Invicta Lithium 12V 120Ah Xero IP67 LiFePO4 Battery - SNLX12V120BT

Invicta Xero: The future of lithium battery technology is here!


Invicta Xero SNLX12V120BT, the latest addition to Invicta, is an advanced lithium Iron Phosphate battery designed to meet the increasing demands of emerging applications and safety requirements in recreational and industrial industries. The Invicta Xero range includes significant upgrades while still utilising tried-and-tested technology that users trust day in and day out.


The high performance BMS on the Invicta Xero allows for a wider breadth of customization compared to other batteries. This means that very often the 12V 120Ah battery available will be more than enough to get the job done. This includes a max pulse discharge of 500A and max continuous discharge of 150A. Which will be enough to run most 2000W inverters. You can now series up to 4 (48V 120Ah), parallel up to 16 (12V 1920Ah), or even 4 series and 4 parallel (48V 480Ah). And with a cycle count of 3000+ (100% DoD) you’ll be set for years.


The Invicta Xero SNLX12V120BT is built like no other. All components are securely fixed to ensure damaging vibrations are almost non-existent. An improved IP67 dust and waterproof rating also keeps the water and humidity out, especially useful in the tropics.


The Invicta Xero range comes with CAN bus and Bluetooth communication options that can function as stand-alone or simultaneous monitors. Its open CAN bus protocol, can connect to any number of devices via a CAN link to directly talk to the battery’s BMS. A far superior option to any smart shunt on the market as it provides highly accurate data to improve the application’s performance. The CAN bus also allows for a greater number of batteries to be paralleled and seriesed in a system as each battery can talk to the other.

The Bluetooth feature is a more user friendly option which connects directly to your smart device via the free Invicta App. This method allows you to monitor all the essential information of your battery.


Invicta Xero SNLX12V120BT Data sheet here

Invicta Xero SNLX12V120BT Manual here

Invicta Xero SNLX12V120BT Price here

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