New Noark IP65 Circuit Breaker Enclosures WPB-1 & WPB-2

New Noark IP65 Circuit Breaker Enclosures WPB-1 & WPB-2

We are thrilled to announce that SolarBox has expanded its range with the addition of the Noark WPB enclosures. These waterproof enclosures provide a perfect solution for housing the Noark Ex9MD DC Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB) up to 250A. With an IP65 rating, this device is protected against dust and water ingress, making it ideal for use in even the harshest environments.


What's even better is that the WPB enclosures come complete with 4 x M25 Glands, Installation brackets, and screws for easy installation. The Noark Ex9MD DC MCCB switch disconnectors are primarily used on battery banks, providing a more serviceable approach and protection than standard NH fuse bases.


Moreover, these MCCBs are perfect for Solar PV applications, thanks to their polarity independence and certification to EN 60947 which complies with AS/NZS 5139:2019. At SolarBox, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products, and the Noark WPB enclosures are no exception. Get your hands on them today and take advantage of the benefits they offer!


Noark WPB-1 is compatible with the following Noark Ex9MD1B Circuit Breakers (Sold Separately):


- Noark 80A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28707 (Ex9MD1B)

- Noark 100A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28708 (Ex9MD1B)

- Noark 125A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28709 (Ex9MD1B)


Noark WPB-2 is compatible with the following Noark Ex9MD2B Circuit Breakers (Sold Separately):


- Noark 160A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28901 (Ex9MD2B)

- Noark 180A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28902 (Ex9MD2B)

- Noark 200A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28903 (Ex9MD2B)

- Noark 250A 500VDC 2Pole MCCB - N28905 (Ex9MD2B)


View the range here

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