New Product BOS LE300 Lithium Extension Battery

New Product BOS LE300 Lithium Extension Battery

New to SolarBox Australia 'BOS LE300 Lithium Extension Battery':


- The LE300 Smart battery system is an intelligent lithium battery, designed for the extension of 12V Lead-acid battery systems. This hybrid combination adds capacity, improves performance and increases lifespan of the entire system.

- The LE300 takes over most of the charging cycles while the lead-acid battery functions as cheap backup storage. The lead-acid battery is charged with a higher priority, with the lithium battery taking up the excess energy.

- When discharging, the lithium battery is primarily discharged. This means that the life of the lead-acid battery is significantly extended. The LE300 detects the voltage of the lead-acid battery and automatically begins to support it with a maximum current of 12.5A. Larger loads are supplied by the lead-acid battery and the lithium battery in parallel, which means that both batteries are discharged with less current.

- Our lithium battery is based on the latest lithium iron phosphate cells (LiFePO4) technology. In addition, a Battery Management System and Display is integrated in the compact housing.

- The LE300 are designed for caravans, boats, traffic systems and any other lead acid applications.

- Contrary to pure Lithium-Battery solutions, cold temperatures are no problem for the LE300. Due to the integrated heating, the LE300 is heated with charging current before the actual charging.

- Any existing or new 12 V Lead Acid Batteries can be used. The Lithium Extension Battery is directly connected to the positive and negative terminal of the Lead Acid Battery.

- Existing charge controller for Lead Acid Batteries with a constant voltage above 14,0V or with the IoUo Standard can still be used.


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