Selectronic Australian Made SP Pro Series 2i Inverter Chargers

Selectronic Australian Made SP Pro Series 2i Inverter Chargers

New to SolarBox: Selectronic - Australian owned, designed and manufactured Inverter Chargers

- Selectronic inverters have been made in Australia since 1981 and since then have powered 1000s of sites from the tropics of Indonesia, the mountains of the Himalayas, the deserts of UAE, the outback of Australia and on suburban homes throughout the world. In fact, nobody has more experience in this market sector than Selectronic.

- The SP PRO series of bi-directional inverter chargers is one of the most flexible and intelligent available in the market today. A modular approach can handle systems up to 240kW in 20kW blocks, whilst using sophisticated communications can manage up to 480kW of AC Coupled PV.

- Battery Voltages of 24V, 48V and 120V are accommodated. Additionally, by incorporating unlimited DC Coupled solar, wind, back up generator or a grid supply, our ethos of never being without power is always met.

- The same SP PRO is suitable for both Off-Grid and Solar Hybrid (grid-connect) installations for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our inverters provide true transition from a hybrid to an off-grid system (and vice versa) with a simple on-site setting change.

- 5+5 Year warranty: The standard warranty for this product is 5 years from the date of purchase. For installations in Australia and New Zealand, it is possible to extend the warranty term up to 10 years.

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