SkyBox Off-Grid Installation Case Study

SkyBox Off-Grid Installation Case Study

Explore the North Queensland SkyBox Off-Grid Installation Case Study for Sustainable Living Solutions:


SolarBox Australia was recently approached by a customer in North Queensland seeking a reliable Off-Grid power solution for a rural property's water pump. The customer chose the All-in-one SkyBox Pre-Wired Off-Grid system, which provides a reliable and efficient power source. This solution will ensure uninterrupted power for the water pump in the remote location.



The SkyBox is a pre-wired and pre-programmed battery storage system that is built-in in Keysborough Victoria by licensed Electricians. Customers have the option to purchase 2-6 Pylontech US5000-B Lithium Rack Mount batteries, providing up to 28.8kWh of battery storage. Starting with 2 batteries allows for the minimum discharge rating of the Deye Hybrid Inverter, with the flexibility to scale up and add more battery storage as needed.



The SkyBox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and offers significant upgradeable battery capacity in one cabinet, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of being on the grid while also having the option to be off the grid. Expansion simply involves adding more batteries to meet storage requirements.



The Solar Array, comprising of 8 Monocrystalline cells, was successfully supplied, designed, and installed by the customer. This array effectively meets the day time running loads of the Water Pump, and also provides surplus power for charging the batteries. The Monocrystalline cells are known for their high efficiency and reliability, making them an ideal choice for this application. The installation ensures uninterrupted power supply for the water pump during the day.



For pricing and more information on the SkyBox Cabinets please contact us below at:


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