SolarBox January Product of the Month: SkyBox Mini 5kVa

SolarBox January Product of the Month: SkyBox Mini 5kVa

SkyBox Mini 5kVA Pre-Wired Off-Grid Cabinet - SBOXMINI5


- SkyBox Mini is a self contained energy system with an optional battery, Victron inverter and switches all housed in a custom weatherproof enclosure.

- The SkyBox Mini 5kVA features an in-built Victron EasySolar-II 48/5000 GX with a 250/100 Victron MPPT Solar charger & is designed to fit 2-4 Pylontech US3000-C or US5000-B rack mount lithium batteries (sold separately).

- The SkyBox is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and provides enormous battery capacity in one cabinet. Because of this, you can enjoy all the luxury of being on the grid while being off the grid!

- SkyBox gives everyone freedom and independence from the power grid. Acting as a central ‘brain,’ the SkyBox manages incoming power from your solar, wind, or hydro generators. Balancing these power sources and storing excess energy in the internal batteries (sold separately), SkyBox creates a reliable off-grid electricity supply.

- Proudly Aussie made. Every SkyBox is put together and tested by our engineers in our headquarters in Victoria before being shipped out.

- No assembly required. The SkyBox comes prewired and pre-programmed for easy installation.

- Plug and play install for electricians. The great thing about the SkyBox is that your local sparky can install it, and they don’t require an off-grid licence to do so.


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