End of Life Clearance Special - PowerPlus LiFe N70 Batteries

End of Life Clearance Special - PowerPlus LiFe N70 Batteries
SolarBox Australia is pleased to announce an end-of-life clearance special for the PowerPlus range of LiFe Lithium N70 batteries. These batteries are available in various models at discounted prices:

- PowerPlus Energy 12VDC 100Ah N70 LFP Battery - LiFe1213N
- PowerPlus Energy 24VDC 50Ah N70 LFP Battery - LiFe2413N
- PowerPlus Energy 48VDC 25Ah N70 LFP Battery - LiFe4813N

Greater efficiency:

- Manufactured using cylindrical energy cells allow greater heat dissipation when under load
- Use up to 100% of total capacity
- Up to 10 times faster charge time than sealed lead acid
- Greater than 96% charge efficiency
- Captures and stores more solar PV than sealed lead acid


- No venting gasses
- Safe LFP (lithium ferro phosphate (LiFePO4) technology
- Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) - allowing charging on most standard battery chargers and vehicle alternators.
- BMS will protect from over/under voltage, over current, over temperature, and short circuit

Reliability and longevity:

- Designed using cylindrical cells for greater reliability, and heat dissipation
- One-third the weight and less than half the volume than that of sealed lead acid
- Superior cycle life when compared to sealed lead acid
- Rated for extreme temperature conditions


- Ideal for Caravan and motor home applications
- Ideal for secondary vehicle battery
- Ideal for street lighting and industrial applications
- Ideal for off-grid solar applications
- Can be charged using most standard lead acid battery chargers
- If the charger can be adjusted to suit battery voltages, then this will maximise life

Please note: PowerPlus LiFe N70 range meets IEC 62619 and a certificate can be provided upon request. The warranty period has been reduced down to 3 years for the end-of-life clearance special.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire high-quality batteries for your solar power needs. Contact us now to secure your order.

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