Delta-Q IC1200-24 24V 50A Industrial Battery Charger - 941-0001
Delta-Q IC1200-24 24V 50A Industrial Battery Charger - 941-0001
Delta-Q IC1200-24 24V 50A Industrial Battery Charger - 941-0001
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Delta-Q IC1200-24 24V 50A Industrial Battery Charger - 941-0001

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Delta-Q IC1200 Battery Chargers:

The IC1200 is ideal for lift truck, floor care machine, boom lift and power sports (utility vehicle and motorcycle) applications, with resistance against vibration, shock, dirt, fluids and temperature changes. Validation processes ensure the IC1200 can survive these conditions for a long service life. An IP67-rated external fan provides active cooling for full 1200 W charger output in high ambient temperatures. Choose from Delta-Q's menu of charge profiles for lead acid (wet/flood, AGM, gel) or use CAN bus to precisely control lithium charging.

Delta-Q offers software to support charger programming, battery troubleshooting and charge cycle data analysis. Chargers can be customized with different AC and DC cabling, remote LED signalling, connectors, temperature sensors, and carrying handles.


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Note: All Delta-Q chargers come with an AC Lead and 1.8M DC Harness with 8mm ring terminals (475-0351). Additional DC leads can be purchased separately if required.

Note2: If you put in the comments at the time of order what brand and model batteries you are using we can have the charger pre-programmed for you. 



IC1200: Reliability and output power:
The IC1200 charger's mechanical design and component selection provides resistance against vibration, shock and extreme temperatures; the conditions faced in the chassis of a motorcycle or battery tray of a lift truck. An external fan ensures that the charger can provide its maximum output power in hot ambient temperatures. The fan is IP67-rated for ingress protection, is fully field serviceable and only runs when needed.

Easy to integrate:
Optional CAN bus communication enables a link between the IC1200 charger and other components, providing for safe lithium-ion battery charging, and machine diagnostics and servicing information. Put a USB flash drive into the built-in USB host port to download charge cycle data, or program the drive to update software and charge profiles.

Charge quality and battery flexibility:
The IC1200 provides charge quality for different battery lead acid chemistries (wet/ flooded, sealed AGM or gel), or can support lithium ion charging via CAN bus communication. A button on the charger's display enables the easy selection of another pre-loaded profile, providing flexibility for service technicians.

Battery Compatibility Program:
Charged by Delta-Q gives you confidence that a particular battery and charger combination will provide your products with best-in-class performance, prolonged battery life, and maximum up-time.

Software and accessories:
Through software and accessories, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can customize their Delta-Q battery charging solutions for better application fit and additional features for the customer.

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