Discover AES Rack Mount 51.2V 5.12kWh LiFePO4 Battery (Heated) - 48-48-5120-H
Discover AES Rack Mount 51.2V 5.12kWh LiFePO4 Battery (Heated) - 48-48-5120-H Installation
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Discover AES RACKMOUNT 51.2V 5.12kWh LiFePO4 Battery (Heated) - 48-48-5120-H

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Discover AES RACKMOUNT 51.2V 5.12kWh LiFePO4 Battery 48-48-5120-H - 900-0067


Discover AES RACKMOUNT Energy Storage System is a rapidly installed energy storage system that is easy to configure for Residential Off-Grid Solar, Whole-Home Backup Power and Microgrids. Discover AES RACKMOUNT Battery modules are manufactured with the highest-grade cobalt-free LiFePO4 cells for safety, reliability and long life. The high-current GEN-4 BMS delivers superior peak power for demanding load support and lightning-fast 1C charge and discharge rates.

Networking AES RACKMOUNT batteries with the LYNK II Gateway enables plug-and-play closed-loop communication with industry-leading hybrid inverters and dramatically elevates charging performance.

Discover AES RACKMOUNT are a common sized 19inch RACKMOUNT 3U LiFePO4 Battery module. They offer a powerful 5.12kWh of lithium battery storage at 100% Depth of discharge (DOD). The 4th generation BMS offers a continuous charge / discharge rating of 1C and a Peak power rating of 2.2C. This means you only require 1x Discover AES RACKMOUNT module per 5kW Inverter.

UN 38.3 DOT, IEC 62619, UL1973 certification and pending UL9540 DC - ESS certification enable permitting throughout North America. An industry-leading 10-year warranty and energy throughput performance guarantee delivers a strong ROI. AES RACKMOUNT also meets the requirements of the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive and complies with FCC standards.

Note: Discover AES RACKMOUNT Heated Battery Modules include a BMS-managed heat mat for operation in cold climates. The heater mat works between -17°C to 8°C to warm up the battery which allows chargers to continue charging in cold applications or environments. 


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Dimensions (LxWxH): 497x439x133mm




Discover AES RACKMOUNT Battery Combiner Module 950-0049- Parallel up to six AES RACKMOUNT Battery Modules with a single AES RACKMOUNT Battery Combiner:
- Fully assembled
- 19-inch rackmount – enclosure ready
- Six quick-connect fused battery cable sets
- Master double pole disconnect breaker
- Single button power off


Discover AES RACKMOUNT Slimline Enclosure 950-0053- Indoors or outdoors, the AES RACKMOUNT 30kWh Slimline Enclosure is economical, installs fast and offers the smallest footprint for 6 batteries / 30kWh of energy storage. You can also parallel up to six AES RACKMOUNT Slimline Enclosures for 180 kWh of Energy storage. The Slimline Enclosure comes pre-assembled with a bus bar, and battery cables with Amphenol connectors allowing for fast and professional installation.

Discover AES RACKMOUNT Quick Stack Rack 950-0050- An open battery stacking system that is flexible, secure, and sets up in only a few minutes:
- Stack up to six battery modules and a battery module combiner
- Brackets interlock without tools
- Facilitates air gap between batteries, reducing heat transfer


Discover AES Cable Kit – 950-0055- For installers not wishing to use the AES RACKMOUNT combiner, this cable kit includes both DC positive and negative wires with SurLok Plus connectors and ring terminals. These cables are 3 AWG and measure 2 meters in length.


Discover LYNK II – 950-0025- Unlock the full potential of an AES RACKMOUNT LiFePO4 Solar Stationary battery by enabling the BMS to optimize and dynamically manage the charge configurations of the world’s best industrial chargers and mobile inverter-chargers. The LYNK PORT on each AES RACKMOUNT LiFePO4 allows for real-time closed-loop communication between multiple batteries and with a charger, or inverter-charger, using LYNK II to aggregate and communicate the State of Charge.


Features & Benefits: 


- Integrated self-heating 


Runs Longer:
- 2x Runtime of lead-acid batteries
- Up to 100% usable capacity


Lasts Longer:
- 10x the life of lead-acid battery (BCI-06)
- 10-Year warranty (Requires Registration)
- 30 MWh Energy Throughput Performance Guarantee


Charges Faster:
- 1C max charge rate, regardless of SoC
- 2x faster than C/2 rated Lithium batteries


Surge Power:
- Up to 2.2C peak power
- Up to 1C charge/discharge


- Up to 50% more energy efficient than lead-acid batteries
- Up to 98% round-trip efficiency


Dynamic Charging:
- Up to 40% faster recharge from 0% to 100% SoC
- Real-time charge rate optimization


Parallel Power:
- Up to 180 kWh with closed-loop communication (per LYNK)
- Unlimited in open-loop configuration
- Linear scaling of charge, discharge, peak capacity


Certification Standards:
- IEC 62619
- UL 1973
- CE
- UN 38.3
- UN 3480, Class 9 (Lithium batteries)


LYNK Port:
- Connect battery string to LYNK Gateway
- Multi-battery BMS communication
- Remote ON/OFF capability


Note: Discover AES RACKMOUNT LiFePO4 products offers an industry-leading warranty for years of trouble-free, high-performance operation. Use the form to register your product(s) to validate your warranty here

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