Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway - 950-0025
Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway - 950-0025
Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway - 950-0025
Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway - 950-0025
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Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway - 950-0025

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Discover LYNK II Communication Gateway - 950-0025:


LYNK II Communication Gateway aggregates and displays in real-time the State of Charge for LITHIUM PROFESSIONAL and AES RACKMOUNT LiFePO4 batteries. Unlock the full potential of these lithium batteries by integrating them with inverter chargers, on and off-board chargers, displays, load centers, motor controls, PLCs, and telematics to optimize system performance.

Improve system integration using multiple communication interfaces and CAN-based protocols. LYNK ACCESS Software for LYNK II includes device programming, firmware uploads, battery digital signal simulation, and data analysis to reduce development time and effort.


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Battery Compatibility:
- Discover AES LiFePO4 Battery: 12-36-6700, 12-48-6650, 14-24-2800, 14-24-3000, 14-36-3000, 14-48-3000
- Discover Lithium PRO: DLP-GC2-12V, DLP-GC2-24V, DLP-GC2-36V, DLP-GC2-48V

- Discover AES RACKMOUNT: 48-48-5120 - 900-0062, 48-48-5120-H - 900-0067


Real time data- State of Charge (SoC), voltage, temperature and battery status is communicated in real time to on-board devices.


Faster charging- Up to 25% faster 0% to 100% SoC charging with dynamic charge management.


Configurable communication- CANopen, Serial CAN, J1939, RV-C, Others


Full compatibility- Battery related settings are automatically programmed for multiple brands of industrial chargers.


Status view- At a glance SoC LEDs, communication status LED.


Maximize the battery- Internal cell balancing is optimized, enabling the highest usable capacity and true 100% depth of discharge over the entire life of the battery.


Programmable relay- Trigger relays using battery SoC and battery current to control external devices.


Simple service- Download data logs, upload battery firmware, and more. 

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