Invicta 12.8V 116Ah 1600W Lithium Power System - SNLPS1600
Invicta 12.8V 116Ah 1600W Lithium Power System - SNLPS1600
Invicta 12.8V 116Ah 1600W Lithium Power System - SNLPS1600
Invicta 12.8V 116Ah 1600W Lithium Power System - SNLPS1600
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Invicta 12.8V 116Ah 1600W Lithium Power Station - SNLPS1600

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Invicta Lithium Power Station SNLPS1600:


Designed with versatility in mind, the Invicta Power Station gives you 12 outlet points for DC and AC accessories to connect your home appliances easily. With a mix of DC ports, including USB A, USB C, Car Socket, and DC5521, supply anything from 5V to 24V depending on the application’s requirements. Also, power your 240V appliances with any of the 4 AC outlets, which utilise an internal 1600W Pure Sine AC Inverter. Now you can take your kettle, espresso machine or air compressor on your trip away.

Charging is even easier, now you don’t need a complicated and expensive charging system to keep your battery topped up. Simply use the supplied solar cable, DC adapter cable or AC adapter cable to connect to your choice of supply power and instantly start charging.

The Invicta Power Station also comes with a host of certifications and protections to ensure it is operating as safely as possible. Be confident knowing that the Invicta Power Station comes with the Invicta Lithium level of quality assurance that Australia has come to know and trust.


Data sheet here

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Large number of cycles >2000 (100% DoD)- Up to 8 times cycle life of SLA lowering your total cost of ownership.


Safe and stable chemistry & Integrated BMS- The use of LiFePO4 along with the integrated BMS ensures protection against over charge / discharge, temperature and short circuit providing the highest degree of safety.


Intuitive case design- With impact resistance ABS case, HD LED display, connectivity for up to 12 devices simultaneously, and ergonomic handles for ease of transport.


Versatile power options- Allow you to charge upto three different ways via AC or DC, and discharge to AC or DC applications upto 1600W via any of the 12 different ports.


Invicta Safety And Certification:

- CE
- RoHS
- UL1642
- Back-feed Protection
- RCD Protection
- BMS Monitoring (over charge/dicharge, temperature,
short circuit)




- 1600W Pure Sine AC Inverter
- DC (5-24V) And AC (240V) Out/Input
- 12 Power Outlets
- 1485Wh (12V 116Ah)
- Core LiFePO4 (lithium) Benefits
- Light Weight For Easy Transport
- Integrated MPPT Solar Regulator
- Ergonomic And Robust Case
- Extensive Certifications
- Non-slip Rubber Feet
- Fast Charge Rate – 2.5hrs To 80%
- High-contrast LCD Screen
- Active Cooling
- 3-year Warranty

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