Invicta 12V 100Ah 1200CCA P31H Hybrid Lithium Battery - SNLH31H
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Invicta 12V 100Ah 1200CCA P31H Hybrid Lithium Battery - SNLH31H

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Invicta Hybrid Lithium Starter:

The Invicta Hybrid Starter series offers a dual purpose solution for those that require high CCA starting power but also deep cycle performance that keeps energy flowing. Featuring a built-in jump-start feature, smart BMS protection and under-bonnet installation capabilities, the Invicta Hybrid Starter range is the perfect solution for automotive, marine, 4WD and caravan applications.

With conveniently designed case sizing to easily replace your existing AGM or starter battery, and the utilisation of A123 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) pouch cells, one of the highest performing and safest lithium chemistries. Our hybrid solution will have you doing more of what you love with faster recharge time, greater runtime and up to 50% less weight, compared to AGM equivalent.

All Invicta Hybrid Starter batteries are able to connect to the Bluetooth monitoring app. It allows users to easily and conveniently access the performance data of their desired Invicta Hybrid battery. In addition, the app can also be used to activate the Jump-Start feature without the need to physically access the battery. An especially useful feature that eliminates the need to pop the hood of your vehicle or if the battery is located in a hard to reach location. To activate the Jump-Start feature, simply open the app and it will automatically prompt you to Jump-Start or charge the battery.

Note: Models SNLHMAX, SNLHMAXL & SNLHLN4MAX Use a specially engineered Dual BMS, which allows the battery to discharge and charge at an even higher rate. This allows the battery to be used in winching applications


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Warranty guide here

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Dimensions (LxWxH): 330x168x220/222mm

Cross reference: HCC31SC, S31-901MF, 31-900, 31-950, 31-1000, 86MF, N86, 4862, DC31MF, 86T, M31, XV31MF, 5862




Jump Start Feature- The Jump Start feature is an important function that will give the user more confidence when heading out on their next adventure. With this feature, the BMS will automatically reserve a small amount of capacity in the battery for starting/cranking, if the main capacity is over-discharged. If you do use your main capacity and are unable to start the vehicle, simply press the button on top of the battery, this will release the reserve capacity and give the user 30sec to start the application.


Engineered BMS- One of the core components that is fundamental to the performance of the Inivcta Hybrid Starter range is the engineered BMS. What makes this BMS so different compared to others is the use of a wider set of parameters and ability to automatically reserve capacity for the Jump Start feature. Because it does have wider parameters this allows the battery to reach an internal temperature of 80oC before disconnecting and allow a high rate of discharge and charge. This gives installers and users a wide range of flexibility when considering the application suitability and fitment of the battery.


Heat Resistant Technology- The Invicta Hybrid Starter range utilises heat resistant technology to ensure the battery is protected from the effects of extreme heat when placed under a bonnet. This includes a specially designed thermal protection layer and lithium paste which is unique to the A123 pouch cell construction.


Premium A123 Pouch Cells- A123 pouch cells are premium cells that are used by top vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMS. These cells have been hand-selected by our technical team due to their reliability and inherent ability to withstand a high rate of discharge/charge and resistance to high heat. Because they can withstand high rates of discharge and charge it allows the battery to output up to 1400CCA and 800A of continuous current as well as accept a charge from most vehicle alternators.


Additional Features:


- 3 Year full replacement warranty

- Bluetooth monitoring

- Drop-in starter battery replacement

- Lightweight LiFePO4 chemistry

- Engineered BMS for high continuous charge/discharge

- Pouch cell design for discharge and charging flexibility

- Jumpstart feature

- High CCA capabilities

- Charge directly from the alternator

- Standard automotive case sizes

- Heat resistant technology for high-heat applications

- IP 56 Rated

- IEC Certified


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