Noark Ex9BBE-630/800A Busbar Kit for Large DC MCCB 630-800A - 991024
Noark Ex9BBE-630/800A Busbar Kit for Large DC MCCB 630-800A - 991024

Noark Ex9BBE-630/800A Busbar Kit for Large DC MCCB 630-800A - 991024

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Noark Ex9BBE-630/800A Busbar Kit:

Optimise your power distribution with the 991024 Ex9BBE-630/800A -Busbar Kit for the Noark Ex9BBE-630-800 Enclosure. Capable of 800A, 8 connections, and designed for cables sized 185-240mm². Durable, efficient, and perfectly compatible.

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Note: This product is used in conjunction with Noark 26920 & 991023.

Compatible Circuit Breakers: 

- Noark 500A 750VDC 3Pole MCCB - 852762 (Ex9MD4B)

- Noark 630A 750VDC 3Pole MCCB - 852791 (Ex9MD4B)

- Noark 700A 750VDC 3Pole MCCB - 852792 (Ex9MD5B)

- Noark 800A 750VDC 3Pole MCCB - 852793 (Ex9MD55)


High Capacity- Designed to handle 800A, making it suitable for high-power applications and ensuring reliable power distribution.

Multiple Connections- Features provisions for 8 connections, accommodating cable sizes ranging from 185mm² to 240mm². This capability allows for significant flexibility in connecting various components.

Efficient Power Distribution- The busbar kit simplifies the power distribution within the enclosure, reducing the need for extensive cabling and improving overall system organisation.

Easy Integration- Specifically tailored for compatibility with the 991023 Noark Ex9BBE-630/800 Large DC MCCB Enclosure, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Durable Construction- Made with high-quality materials, the busbar kit is built to last and withstand the demands of heavy-duty use.

Simplifies Installation- By providing a centralised point for multiple connections, the busbar kit makes installation, maintenance, and upgrades more straightforward and less time-consuming.


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