NEW! PowerPlus Energy LiFe4838P Battery!
PowerPlus Batteries are Australian Made
PowerPlus Energy LiFe4838P Battery
PowerPlus Energy LiFe4838P Battery
PowerPlus Energy LiFe4838P Battery
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PowerPlus Energy 48V 3.8kWh Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery - LiFe4838P

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PowerPlus Energy LiFe4838P Premium Series:


The LiFe4838P is our newest battery which offers a 15% capacity increase. It has the same chemistry and cylindrical structure as our previous lithium batteries, but includes a generation II BMS and newly designed advanced status indicator light. This allows for simplified fault-finding, reduced service calls, and faster repair times. The NEW PowerPlus LiFe4838P battery is CEC listed and suitable for On-Grid & Off-Grid Applications.

Easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to use and infinitely scalable lithium batteries manufactured in Australia. The LiFe Premium Series give you peace of mind reliability, with superior performance and a premium warranty. Have the best of both worlds with quality cells and increased storage capacity. Suited for many applications, this battery will assist with your all your energy projects.


Data sheet here

Manual here

Warranty guide here

Dimensions (DxWxH): 635x434x88mm

Note: Must be installed by a licensed Electrician for warranty registration

Note2: Cannot be paralleled with ECO4840P or LiFe4833P batteries.

Note3: 750mm + 2000mm pre-wired Amphenol-M8 Lug take off leads are sold separately here


Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) is a safe, cobalt free lithium chemistry which combines fast charging and high efficiency with high temperature tolerance and increased storage capacity. Add to that our carefully chosen mechanically robust cylindrical cells and battery management system and you end up with a safe and reliable battery that is easy to install and maintenance free!




- 3.8kWh Nominal Capacity

- Recommended Depth of Discharge 80% or less

- 63A Continuous Discharge Current

- >96% Efficiency

- NEW! Generation II BMS

- NEW! Advanced Status LED

- 15% Increased Capacity

- Multiple Install Options

- Safe Lithium Chemistry

- Compatible with AC & DC coupled systems

- Mechanically Robust Cylindrical Cells

- Australian made

- 10 Year Warranty


Note: Warranty must be registered at time of installation here

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