Pylontech 12V 100Ah IP67 LiFePO4 Battery - RT12100G31
Pylontech 12V 100Ah IP67 LiFePO4 Battery - RT12100G31
Pylontech 12V 100Ah IP67 LiFePO4 Battery - RT12100G31
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Pylontech 12V 100Ah IP67 LiFePO4 Battery - RT12100G31

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Pylontech RT12100G31 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery:

The RT 12V Series battery is ideal for applications in Marine, Vehicles, Caravans, RV's, Portable power storage, External enclosures and as a drop-in replacement for AGM/GEL Lead Acid Batteries. Fits in most Group 31 sized battery boxes.

The Pylontech RT12100G31 battery is an all-purpose lithium-ion battery module developed with a cutting-edge LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) cell, embedded BMS (Battery Management System), and robust mechanical design that provides inherent safety, extremely high reliability, and zero maintenance. 

The RT 12V Series battery's built-in heating film technology performs at temperatures as low as -40℃. The module weight less than half of the same capacity lead-acid battery, providing superior performance in cold weather while saving weight.


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Warranty guide here

Dimensions (LxWxH): 325x173.5x226mm




Auto-Balance- Connects multiple batteries in parallel safely without internal state non-uniformity issues.


Ultra-Safety- The battery management system (BMS) provides comprehensive protection to the battery and manages the charging/discharging process wisely.


Uncompromising Quality- State-of-the-art battery cells ensure a lifespan of more than 4500 cycles, 100A/module continuous discharge current, and a wide range of operation temperature.


Upgraded waterproof & cold resistance built-in heater- In addition to being waterproof, the RT12100G31 also has a built-in heater, so you can use it down to -20℃ and storage down to -40℃


Communication- CAN, RS485, Bluetooth, Dry Contact enable data transmission to meet the needs of different usage scenarios.


Conformity- The Pylontech RT12100G31 Battery meets the latest Lithium standard for installing lithium batteries on a marine vessel AS/NZS 3004.2


Additional Features:


- Twice the usable capacity (compared to the same capacity of FLA/AGM/GEL) 

- Deep Cycle (Auto cut-off at 10V)

- 40% weight of the same capacity lead acid battery

- More than 4500+cycles maximizes your RoI

- Ingress protection IP67 Rating - great for marine applications

- Connect up to 4x Parallel and 4x Series (16 batteries in total) 

- High charging current, 1C continuous power and 2C peak power

- Wider range of applications in extreme weather -20℃ to 60℃

- 5 Year Warranty (Recently updated from 3 to 5)

- Integrated heating film

- RS485, CAN and Bluetooth 5 Connectivity

- Certification: SAE J930, SAE J1455, UL1973, IEC62619, FCC, CE, Telec, Bluetooth SIG, UN38.3 & AS/NZS 3004.2

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