Victron Smart BuckBoost 12/12-50A Non-isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI121217040
Victron Smart BuckBoost 12/12-50A Non-isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI121217040
Victron Smart BuckBoost 12/12-50A Non-isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI121217040
Victron Smart BuckBoost 12/12-50A Non-isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI121217040
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Victron Smart BuckBoost 12/12-50A Non-Isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI121217040

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Victron Smart BuckBoost DC-DC Charger Non-Isolated:


Engineered from the ground up, the Smart BuckBoost redefines adaptive DC-DC charging. For use in dual battery systems charged with an (intelligent) alternator. This device not only ensures top-tier performance but also guarantees the safety
of your system.

Stay in charge with configurable input and output currents, and rest assured that your Smart BuckBoost will run at full capacity up to 40°C. The innovative aluminium circuit board cooling technology delivers an astonishing 98% efficiency without the need for fans.

As an integral part of your Victron system, the Smart BuckBoost offers full (remote) monitoring and control capabilities, giving you complete command of your device and system.

  • Fully configurable
  • Engine shutdown detection
  • Intelligent charge algorithms
  • Efficient cooling
  • Works with VictronConnect
  • Remote monitoring optional


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Configurable charging- Precisely set the input and output current with simple controls. This helps protect alternators against overloading and to charge the service battery properly, especially in case of intelligent alternators.


Parallel to increase output current- An unlimited number of Smart BuckBoost devices can be connected in parallel. Making scaling the output current to match your system’s requirement easy.


Smart alternator compatibility- With its built-in engine shutdown detection, the Smart BuckBoost guarantees the charger only draws power when the engine is running. It also helps retrieving proper charge current from intelligent alternators as found in Euro 5 & Euro 6 engines.


Adaptive charge algorithm- The Smart BuckBoost includes customisable charging algorithms and 8 battery preset modes. For lead acid batteries, these settings ensure optimal absorption times for both shallow and deep discharges.


Complete electronic protection- The Smart BuckBoost comes equipped with comprehensive electronic protection against overload, short circuit and excessive temperatures. It will automatically reduce the output power when maximum product temperature is reached.


Low temperature shutdown & under voltage protection- To prevent damage of lithium batteries, the charger will turn off automatically at low temperatures and when the input voltage drops below a user-configurable lockout value, protecting the starter battery from deep discharge.


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