Victron 25A Buck-Boost Non Isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI303025000
Victron 25A Buck-Boost Non Isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI303025000
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Victron 25A Buck-Boost Non Isolated DC-DC Charger - ORI303025000

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Victron Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter 25A / 50A / 100A:

The Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter is a DC-DC converter for charging a 12/24V service battery in vehicles with an intelligent dynamo. Since, when the engine is running, these dynamos (powered by the on-board electronics of Euro 5 and 6 engines) do not always emit the correct charging current, a DC-DC converter is essential for charging the service battery properly.

To ensure that the start battery of the vehicle is always loaded with priority, the units of Buck-Boost series will only provide power when the engine is running. This is possible thanks to the built-in engine running detection and the related programmable time-delayed switching. This also prevents the onboard voltage of the vehicle from becoming too low. It is not necessary to intervene in the system of the vehicle, install a separate motor run sensor or intervene in the CAN bus system. Apart from this detection, the Buck-Boost series equipment can also be switched on with a programmable input.

The Buck-Boost series is fully programmable through a very simple and easy PC application. The output current has an automatic limitation that is adjustable. The automatic stop becomes active as soon as the temperature comes close to a pre-set maximum. The output voltage is fully adjustable and is independent of the input voltage due to the automatic Buck-Boost control. This control also ensures that the current will never exceed the set value. Also not when the input voltage is higher than the output voltage.


Data sheet here

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DC-DC Converter for charging a 12V or 24V service battery in vehicles with a smart alternator- The Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter is a DC-DC Converter for charging a 12V or 24V service battery in vehicles with a smart alternator. The converter will charge the auxiliary battery with a pre-set charge voltage, eliminating high voltages (e.g. Mercedes: 15,4V) and low voltages.


‘Engine running’ detection system- Deep discharge of the vehicle's starting battery is avoided by a built-in ‘engine running’ detection system. Instead of this detection system, the converter can also be activated by means of a programmable input (D+, CAN bus or (+)15 connection).


Fully programmable- The converter can be fully programmed by means of a simple and user-friendly PC application. (USB type A male to USB type B male cable needed)


One product for 12V, 24V and 12/24V systems- The converter can be programmed to charge a 12V or a 24V auxiliary battery from either a 12V or a 24V alternator and starter battery.


Charge current and input current limiter- The output current is determined by the following factors:
- The maximum charge current setting.
- The maximum input current setting.
- The maximum operating temperature limit of the converter.


Input status indication (LED)-
Converter on.
Input voltage below threshold, converter off.
Over temperature, converter off.
Blue, quick flash:
Engine running, converter will start after pre-set delay.
Blue, slow flash:
The converter is OFF and activation is blocked due to low input voltage.


Output status indication (LED)-
Converter off, battery voltage normal.
Converter off, battery voltage low.
Converter off, battery discharged or not connected.
Converter on.

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