Victron GX Tank 140 - BPP920140100
Victron GX Tank 140 - BPP920140100
Victron GX Tank 140 - BPP920140100
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Victron GX Tank 140 - BPP920140100

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Victron GX Tank 140:

The GX Tank 140 takes readings from up to four tank level sensors. It is an accessory for our range of GX system monitoring products, of which the Cerbo GX is the most commonly used model.

Tank levels can be read-out locally in the system, see screenshot, as well remotely through our VRM Portal. The GX Tank 140 is compatible with current senders (4 to 20 mA) as well as voltage senders (0 to 10 V). The connection to the GX Device is via USB, which is also how the GX Tank is powered: no additional power wires required.

Tank sender wiring is kept as simple as possible: two of the four inputs provide a 24 V power supply, to power the sender. The other two channels do require an external power supply, and there is a power in terminal together with fused outputs to facilitate that.

Upper and lower limits are configurable, to allow using senders that provide only part of the scale, for example 0 to 5 V. To provide a stable reading, the readings are averaged damping. The damping can be configured between 1 and 60 seconds. Faulty sensors and wiring issues are detected: an alarm will be raised when values are out of range.

For marine applications, the GX Device can transmit these tank levels on the NMEA 2000 network to be picked up by other displays such as an MFD.


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- Interfaces with either 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V tank level sensors (including a combination of both).
- Connection to the GX Device via USB interface.
- Channel 1 and 2 use a fused power source from the Vin connection for sensor excitation.
- Channel 3 and 4 use an integrated 24V power source for sensor excitation, which is powered via the USB interface. The integrated 24V power source simplifies the installation/wiring process, as no additional power source is required.
- Configurable input range, for example to connect a 0 to 5V sensor.
- Configurable averaging filter (1 to 60 seconds) to dampen the effect of fluid movement.
- Sensor fault detection: an alarm is raised if the input signal is out of normal/acceptable operating range.
- Full integration with a GX device for configuration, monitoring and tank pump (relay) control.

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